"Of course a person like you can't trust me."


Sage is serious and judgmental at first encounter, but once she gets to know someone well, she is loyal and daring. She is strong-minded and takes her job very seriously. Once in a while, she can crack jokes and be humorous, but most of the time she stays committed to work. . Kat and Sage have a relationship out of politeness and respect, showing that they are not completely comfortable with one another.

She used to work with Raven, and moved to the Extraordinaires for an unknown reason when she became a teen. Knowing that she isn't fully trusted by every Main, she acts a bit bitter and cold sometimes.


Sage wears her long, black hair in a braid and a generally very pretty face. She has dark blue eyes and pale skin. Sage wears a black off-shoulder shirt, blue Capris, and black flats. She has the tueritor sword strapped to her back, and sometimes carries a bag with her on travels.