"Red here! I'm ready to help, Galen!"

Personality and Interests

Red, Galen's tueritor, is the youngest tueritor. Galen doesn't take him seriously at all, laughing at his naive foolishness. Red always tries to help in experiments, only to completely wreck everything. Galen dismisses him from everything he does, yet Red is always ready to help. He has an innocent, kind personality and is determined to be acknowledged by Galen. He usually helps Axel build things when Galen rejects him, so he and Axel are close.


Red has unkempt brown hair and strange red eyes. He wears a red-an-grey hoodie, trying to look like Galen. Also, he has black pants just like Galen and red-and-white sneakers. He has the tueritor sword strapped to his back.

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