"Seriously, guys? Brighten up already!"


Personality and Interests

Rae is generally a very sweet girl who always urges everyone to be positive. She can be sassy and sarcastic, blunt and forceful with her opinions at times, but she is also very protective of her comrades. She is somewhat selfish and conceited. Rae always tries to look her best except in battle, and tries to help out others but giving them advice on their color schemes and whatnot. Her allies find this insulting and disregards her remarks. Rae loves to try new things and is attracted to cute items, like baby animals. She doesn't like to be rushed and she dislikes gloomy weather, preferring sunny days.


Rae is a slim girl with golden hair tied in a spiky side ponytail. She has wide blue eyes and rosy cheeks. Rae adorns a sand-colored baby shirt with one long sleeve and one short, with a white tank top underneath. She also wears blue denim shorts over black shorts, and white high-tops.



Rae uses light/heat spells, which uses light or makes new rays. She can bend light and make them much stronger/warmer than before. Her weapon is a rapier with a special sun/spiral shaped handle, which has a special blade that can reflect and or/hold light and/or heat in her spells. Rae's disappear tactic has her vanish in a small burst of light, teleporting somewhere nearby.


Rae has a white pegasus she found on a mission, Quinn. He is trouble making and mischievous, causing trouble where ever he goes and he only listens to her. Rae discovers he has the ability to cross into the mainland, turning into an ordinary white horse.

His mane, tail, and wings sometimes look golden under sunlight.


  • Rae is short for Raelyn.
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