"Sunny, fetch."

Personality and Interests

Pix has a devious way of thinking. Even though she can have a frightening aura and makes devilish, wicked comments, she can be very curious and childish. She can detect lies quite easily, making her trust few people. Pix can be disrespectful and ignorant at times. She has a short temper, so whenever someone makes fun of her size, she will most likely challenge them to a fight. Pix is fond of mac and cheese and cute things. She mentions that she strongly dislikes people of the opposite gender, giving her the demeanor of a young mainland girl afraid of cooties.


Pix has dark auburn tied into twin tails, and round, youthful face with brown eyes. She is the smallest Main. She wears red-and-white clothes similar to a anime schoolgirl, and white sneakers. Pix usually wears a backpack full of stuffed animals and holding Sunny.



Sunny in his life form.

Pix carries a pack of stuffed animals that she summons and controls to use in battle. Her main stuffed animal is Sunny, a sand-colored dog. When all her animals are defeated, she would most likely use a Y-shaped slingshot she keeps at her side, using whatever's nearby as ammo. Her disappear tactic makes her vanish in a puff of golden dog hairs, much to her comrades' disgust (although they disappear after a moment). Pix also has the ability to turn Sunny into a live dog, which she can use for tracking an enemy.

The animals she has collected are dog (fighting and transportation), leopard (fighting), bird (fighting and transportation), shark (fighting), and several tiny mice (infiltrating and sneaking in).


Pix travels on transformed Sunny or some other stuffed animal. She mentions that Sunny is a friend and he is not a tool for fighting. When someone comments on how Sunny is transportation, she would say they are "just traveling together." The other stuffed animals are unnamed.


- Pix was an apprentice longer than she needed to.

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