Perennial Grove is moderately peaceful, most of its land occupied by forests, lakes, cliffs, and rivers.

Villages and Towns

The towns are crawling with activity. The buildings are busy and noisy. There is usually a shop on the ground floor, with a small home on the upper floors. Some examples of shops are grocers, florists, weapon makers, cloth making, jewelers, etc. The school is near the outskirts where the forest is, so children can get battle training. They are not immortal like Clover, and led normal lives. They all receive battle training and basic spells.

The adults usually work in their shops, and the children help out and to school. All genders were welcome to learn at the academy. The youth were taught a variety of subjects, but the main topics were math and the history of the Extraordinaires. They were taught how to fight, and it was an important part of their education. 


In the countryside, the children did not receive such detailed education, but they were taught by their parents at home. They learned how to fight as well. But they mostly worked with farming and played games in the lakes and forests. 

Everyone treated everyone else as an equal and worked together well. Clover sometimes took advice from the elders from both parts, and she respected everyone. Sometimes she even played games with the younger children, competing in tree-climbing and swimming races. There were rarely any beggars in Perennial Grove.

There is a certain name format for the people living in Perennial Grove. It consisted of two parts, usually related around nature/plants. They would usually be called one part in casual situations. For example, a person may be called River Mist. This has two nouns, so the person could either be called River or Mist in everyday life. When their is one adjective and one noun, the person would usually be called the noun. For instance, if a person was named Frosty Breeze, they would be called Breeze. 

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