"Hey, that's a copy of my thing, you jerk!"

Personality and Interests

Although he isn't an official Main, Otto is the messenger of the Extraordinaires when they are in the Crescent Islands. He would either deliver messages personally or by bird. When Mains needed to be contacted and they were in the mainland, he would send a bird. Otto has a immature, bratty personality, calling the Mains childish insults and whatnot. He takes his job seriously, refusing to let anyone take over when his wing got torn in Four Leaves. When he no messages to send, he often goes flying around and challenging Mains with flying animals for a race (many think he was influenced by Clover). Although he always calls Clover a cactus jerk, Otto relies on her and often thinks of her as an older sister figure. Even though he is stubborn and immature, he is shown to have very elegant handwriting, much to everyone's surprise. He likes cats and candy, and gets angry at whoever trash talks Master An, who was also his teacher.


Otto has tousled white hair and pale skin. He wears a mock gold-and-white toga with T-shirt style sleeves. The bottom hem reaches his knees, and he sometimes carries around a small gold lyre. Otto wears gold bands on his wrists and ankles, and he goes barefoot. One eye is a pale brown and the other is golden.


Otto has no special power, but he can summon a lyre and put someone to sleep with the music temporarily, giving him the sound element. He has white, feathery wings that he summons as well (but it doesn't take any energy) that he can use for flight. He has a disappear tactic like the other Mains, where he disappears into several fluffy white feathers and teleporting somewhere nearby. His teleporting range is ten miles, while the Mains have half a mile/ one mile.


Otto has no real transportation except for his wings. Sometimes he would tag along with another Main when traveling, but since he lives at the base, he has no real purpose do have a traveling companion to do missions.


Otto is friendly with everyone, and they tease him about being the shortest and how he doesn't have really have powers. He is less close with the younger Mains, and is closest to Clover (since he brings the most messages to her due to the complaints people send to her).

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