"I'm not a part of it, so I won't get involved."

Personality and Interests

Nia is a quiet and shy girl with a big and optimistic heart. She is thoughtful and polite, handling everything with gentle care. Although Kage is a comrade, she can't help but feel intimidated by him after he pointed out that she's too timid. She began to lack self-confidence after that. Nia dislikes violence and gore, preferring quiet peace. She strives to make both the Crescent Islands and the mainland a peaceful place. Besides hanging around with Zlex, her griffin, Nia loves baking and reading. Whenever she has free time, she wanders over to the lab to help out Galen with his experiments, or create her own. Though she seem may hardworking, she likes it better when she can just relax, whether at home or with kids in the mainland. She hates that she can be manipulated easily because she hates the feeling of turning someone down. Like Galen, she likes things to be neat.


Young Nia

Young Nia.

Nia has straight black hair pulled into a ponytail, with a signature tuft of hair hanging free over her forehead. She has calm brown eyes and an innocent, relaxed face. She wears a glossy, lavender Asian-style jacket with long sleeves that cover her hands and has coattails. It looks slightly baggy and has golden lining. Also, she adorns dark blue Capri's and purple-high tops. Sometimes she also would wear a purple-and-gold mock kimono. She likes to keep her outfit calm and collected. It's usually very neat. 

When she was younger, she wore a white wrap shirt with long sleeves, purple Capris, and black sneakers.


With the air/wind element, Nia can manipulate the air around her and use wind-inspired spells. She also has several boomerang-like discs with dangerously sharp blades. Although she doesn't like war, she'll get strong in battle, ranking sixth on the strength chart. Her disappear tactic includes her turning into a cloud of bubbles which rise into the air and pop. 


  • Wind Blades
  • Breeze Needles: Activates tiny sharp winds that sting and slice enemies as if they were invisible needles.
  • Whirlwind Funnels: Releases small tornadoes that shred the ground and suck objects up.
  • Nia's Pinwheel: A large invisible shuriken-like attack that slices through the air.
  • Sand Fury: To be used with an earth element summoner, creating a sandstorm to blind the enemy.
  • Tornado Prison: Traps enemy in a large funnel of wind.



Nia has a loyal griffin named Zlex. They work as a great team and are protective of each other. Zlex doesn't have the mind connection that some other Mains have with their animals, but they communicate well. Zlex enjoys peace like Nia does.


  • Nia is afraid of spiders.
  • A friend of Nia's in the mainland was reborn in Zephyr Meadows.
  • Nia bakes peanut butter cookies the most often.
  • Classic novels are Nia's favorites.
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