The Mains are a group of the strongest Extraordinaires present. They run their own territories and their citizens' powers are patterned after their own. The Mains are immortal, their age range varying in their teen years.


When a Main first arrives, they are typically a young child about the age of 3 to 6 years old. A mentor, another Main, is assigned to care for them and help them shape and master their magic. When the apprentice reaches the age they have died in their past life (i.e. Eun-yeong died at age 16, Clover is reborn and aged until she reached 16 years of age), they will be assigned a tueritor, a personal assistant and guard. The new Main will stop their growth spurt and gain independence. They will take their own territory and establish villages.

Mains grow at a rapid speed. The regular rate of one year would be about 2.5 months in their growth.


These are the current Mains.

Bullet (F) -

- Tracking and special retina display.

- Weapon: Guns, cannons, explosives

Kage (M) -

- Shadow/ darkness spells.

- Weapon: Spear

Blayze (F) -

- Fire spells, dragon caretaker.

- Weapon: Variety of swords

Clover (F) -

- Nature/Plant spells.

- Weapon: Kodachi, throwing stones, and yo-yo

Nia (F) -

- Air/Wind spells.

- Weapon: Boomerang-type discs

Galen (M) -

- Healing.

- Weapon (if necessary): Poison-laced needles

Axel (M) -

- Building minions to fight alongside him.

- Weapon: Boomerang

Kat (F) -

- Lightning/Electricity spells. Partner spells with Brooke.

- Weapon: Two daggers with electricity running through the blade

Brooke (F) -

- Water spells.

- Weapon: Quarterstaff

Pix (F) -

- Brings stuffed animals to life to fight.

- Weapon: Y-shaped slingshot

Hunter (M) -

- Animal summoning spells.

- Weapon: Bow and arrow

Piper (M) -

- Sound/Music spells.

- Weapon: Flute

Alatar (M) -

- Mythical summoning spells.

- Weapon: Sling

Kyan (M) -

- Cloning, technology-inspired spells.

- Weapon: Scythe

Rae (F) -

- Light/heat spells.

- Weapon: Rapier with a sun/spiral shaped handle that can reflect and hold light/heat

Otto (M) -

- Messenger.

- Weapon (if necessary): Lyre (Sound element)

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