"Dude, I've been waiting for this moment for, like, forever! Give me another chance!"

Personality and Interests

Kyan is full of youthful energy and humor, using violence often to solve a problem head-on. He is dismissive to scolding and rules, influenced by Clover since she was his mentor. Kyan doesn't get affected by insults and offensive statements, maintaining a cheery demeanor and exterior. He can be bossy, childish, and demanding at times, especially when it comes to fighting tactics. Kyan is portrayed as careless and reckless, making many idiotic decisions. Clover has yelled at him a couple of times, teeling him "you're even worse than me." Kyan's rival is Hunter; they argue every time they meet (usually about appearance and skills), although they are loyal to each other when differences are put aside. Even though his relationship with Hunter is tarnished, he sustains a friendly tie with the other Mains. Kyan often invites everyone to a horror movie night, which only Kage attends. Because of constant horror-movie-watching, he has developed a fear of ghosts and zombies. Kyan speaks like a modern mainland teenager, using the words "like, totally, etc." He eats a lot, potatoes especially. Kyan dislikes training and boring activities strongly.


Kyan's most noticeable feature his short, wild blonde hair that is usually referred to as "gravity-defying." He has blue eyes and pale skin, along with a bright and enthusiastic face. He wears a blue-and-black T-shirt with his symbol on the back and black shorts and shoes. Kyan keeps on black gloves most of the time, and wears knee and elbow coverings occasionally.


Because his character is based on the modern mainland, he has skills patterned after superheroes created by mainland citizens. He has the ability to clone himself and weapons. All of the clones have Kyan's strength and must be killed to be defeated. Kyan's limit is 250 at one time, and will be unable to make any more for about thirty minutes. He also has telescopic vision, which lets him have a huge range of sight/zoom in on faraway objects. Kyan has the wall-walking power, ability to adhere to surfaces unaided. His weapon is a long, double-bladed scythe.


Kyan travels via a huge flock of birds, which a reference to his cloning ability. None of the birds are named or close with Kyan. Kyan states they live in his territory despite the bright lights.


- Kyan's territory uses the most electricity out of all the islands.

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