"We're just wasting our power."

Personality and Interests

Kat is a fierce and vicious girl who uses violence to solve problems. She isn't afraid to harm anyone who hurts her or her friends, earning herself a threatening demeanor. She doesn't hesitate to handle her knives messily, resulting in more unnecessary bloody kills. She has a strange, intimidating sense of humor, often making others uncomfortable or afraid of her. The other Mains (except for Kage and Bullet) try not to irritate her since they know what will happen if they do. Kat is slightly disrespectful and quite hasty in her choices. She gets annoyed easily, and believes everyone should be open about their personal feelings. She dislikes "butt-draggers" and weak cowards who hesitate. However, she tries to help the weaker ones despite her disgust. She isn't fond of many things like peanut butter, formality, and waiting, but she enjoys small things such as burning a practice dummy to a crisp. Although she is devoted to getting stronger, she can slack off a lot.


Kat has brown hair in a braid. (Before getting her purple bangs, she wore her hair in a low ponytail). Her eyes are a strange lavender, and she usually has a 'silently-judging-you' face when she's not laughing, angry, etc. She wears a black tank top, skirt, and leggings with black combat boots. She usually adorns black arm coverings and her knives strapped by her side.


Kat has lightning/electricity spells. She has the ability to run lightning through her knife blades, making them more deadly and dangerous. Occasionally, she and Brooke would do a partner spell (since water is a conductor of electricity). Her disappear tactic is the ability to vanish into a bunch of electric-blue sparks, teleporting to somewhere within a mile.



Young Kazu.

Kat has a winged lion named Kazu. Kazu is Kat's source of transportation and is also a great friend. He isn't able to communicate through Kat's mind, but he can understand commands and signals. Kazu is slightly adventurous and always brave, constantly ready for any battle. He's picky when it comes to food, and he enjoys gourmet meals with meat.


- Like Nia, Kat dislikes spiders.

- Kat's birthday is March 31.

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