"What is it now? You guys are incredibly loud."

Personality and Interests

Kage is a stoic, moody person with a sour personality. He rarely shows emotion, giving a cold impression to others. His speaking tends to be blunt and insulting and he does not hesitate to shoot down anyone who irritates him or acts recklessly. The other Mains believe Clover, his loud apprentice, is the reason why he's very negative. They also fear him slightly. Even though he seems to dislike everyone, he is quite loyal and will fight viciously if any comrade was hurt. Kage finds it difficult to say compliments, praise, and positive personal feelings towards someone. He dislikes socializing with others. Although he's awkward around people, he does an excellent job leading the Mains in battles, which is rare. He can be incredibly modest and self-conscious about exposing himself (i.e. Being shirtless). Kage enjoys silence and being alone on night walks. After mentoring Clover, he took an interest in botany, and he has his own garden he takes care of. He doesn't like eating strong foods, such as sweets or junk food. He is very athletic in battle, ranking second in strength.


Kage has shaggy black hair as well as intimidating dark eyes. Although he is the oldest Main, he maintains a pale, youthful face. He usually wears a black cloak over his jacket and trousers with a white cravat. Clover usually makes fun of him, calling him a pirate with all his heavy layers of clothing. He has tall black boots and usually wears this outfit outside of Umbra Copse. When he's at home, he wears something more casual, such as a sweater and sneakers. He still keeps on the cloak. He has a necklace under his clothes, with his symbol at the bottom. (Skull) His signature colors are black and grey.

When Kage was younger, he wore a grey T-shirt and black wristbands, along with a backpack due to the travelling he went on with Master An. He had black shorts and sneakers, and his hair was shorter.


Kage is a shadow summoner, so he can bend and create shadows using spells. His weapon is the spear, and he is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He has a disappear tactic, which is teleporting to another location nearby. He disappears into a puff of dark smoke to start the tactic.

Kira, without her horse blanket.


Kage has a large black horse, Kira, that he uses to travel. He spends a lot of time caring for her, and usually has a fancy black horse blanket on top of her. Kira is very strong, so Kage is able to have her pull a supply wagon. Kira is a stern, rule-obeying horse, and she is very obedient. 


- Kage is the oldest Main.

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