"Maybe you're just stupid."

Personality and Interests

Galen is a smug, egotistical male that is very intelligent. He rubs it in when he proves someone wrong, and he always tries to weave in logic every where. It is shown that he is very gullible and falls for the simplest pranks. He has a habit of correcting everyone's mistakes. Even though he can be obnoxious, he is very studious and dedicated to his work. Galen is committed to working and discovering new medicines and poisons as travelling to find new medicinal herbs and mixtures. History and science fascinates him, and he spends quite a lot of time reading. Galen enjoys relaxing with a hot bath, books, and tea. He complains about reckless people and crowded, loud areas. Galen also looks up to Master An, defending him whenever anyone questions him.


Galen wears a grey T-shirt and a red hooded vest over it. He has a casual white tie around his neck, grey gloves, and black trousers. Galen has short, layered black hair and dark eyes. He usually carries a small drawstring pouch at his side that holds his reading glasses.

Galen wore a red polo T-shirt, black gloves, and black shorts when he was young.


Galen is a healer, so he doesn't spend much time fighting or training. His main job is to tend to his fallen comrades' wounds. If it's necessary, he'll fight. His weapon are needles that he throws. Sometimes, they're laced with poison. He doesn't fight often, therefore making his weapon weaker. Even though it isn't a skill, he has an incredible reading speed.


Four identical male white horses pull Galen's elegant-looking carriage. No one can tell them apart except for Galen and his people.

Maximus - Main horse. Proud and confident.

Macgyver - Fun-loving and enthusiastic.

Marcaeus - Slightly snobbish and serious.

Marcellus - Determined and a perfectionist.


- Galen is not good in the arts, such as acting, drawing/painting, and music.

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