"With your size and strength, I highly doubt that."

Personality and Interests

Cricket is very stern. He doesn't like to joke around and be too open. Constantly apologizing on Clover's behalf, he is very formal and polite, wishing to keep his reputation flawless. Cricket is shown to be very loyal to Perennial Grove, Master An, and Clover. He disapproves of troublemakers, carrying out his duties as quickly as possible to avoid trouble. He can be extremely frightening when someone does something to damage his reputation or is acting childishly. Despite his calm exterior, he dislikes paranormal things and usually hides behind someone when he's in a scary situation. His favorite food is omelet rice.


Cricket wears a black turtleneck T-shirt, gloves, sneakers, dark grey trousers, and forearm coverings and guards. Over it is a short green cloak, almost identical to young Clover's. He wears a black mask to cover his lower face, and a visible scar is shown.



  • He dislikes summer.
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