The Crescent Islands
The Crescent Islands are home to several people and creatures; thriving outside the mainland. It's also the home of the Extraordinaires, a society of reborn heroes who are ready to defeat their enemy and protect what's precious to them. The Extraordinaires have sacrificed their lives in the mainland, and at a young age. They are immortal teens who were bestowed with gifts, powers to be precise. Their job is to protect children from the mainland under Master An's rule. This society's motive is to save them from dying the deaths they went through. The Extraordinaires also need to stop the uprising, which is getting stronger by the day. The rebel are planning to destroy the mainland, along with the Extraordinaires and and their followers. Master An fears they shall not defeat it this time, but they have one hope, their past. Unlocking the secret of their past lives gives them energy, a renewed cause of being who they are. Their time is limited; they will not be safe for long. Soon, a war will begin, filled with bloodshed and vengeance. Their rival will not stop at any costs. And neither will the Extraordinaires.


Bullet (F) - Tracking and special retina display. Weapon: Guns, cannons, explosives

Kage (M)- Shadow/ darkness spells. Weapon: Spear

Blayze (F) - Fire spells, dragon caretaker. Weapon: Sword

Clover (F) - Nature/Plant spells. Weapon: Kodachi, yo-yo, and throwing stones

Nia (F) - Air/Wind spells. Weapon: Boomerang-type discs

Galen (M) - Healing. Weapon (if necessary): Poisonous needles

Axel (M) - Building minions to fight alongside him. Weapon: Boomerang

Kat (F) - Lightning/Electricity spells. Partner spells with Brooke. Weapon: Two daggers with electricity running through the blade

Brooke (F)- Water spells. Weapon: Quarterstaff

Pix (F) - Brings stuffed animals to life to fight. Weapon: Y-shaped slingshot

Hunter (M) - Animal summoning spells. Weapon: Bow and arrow

Piper (M) - Sound/Music spells. Weapon: Flute

Alatar (M) - Mythical summoning spells. Weapon: Sling

Kyan (M) - Pixel spells, wall-walking, telescopic vision. Weapon: Scythe

Rae (F) - Light/heat spells. Weapon: Dagger

Otto (M) - Messenger. Weapon (if necessary): Harp (Sound element)
Extraordinaire Crest
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Art - PrinceOfRedRoses, Greenblueandblack. All other art goes to their owners.

Characters are original but some powers are patterned after:

Naruto - Masashi Kishimoto

League of Legends - Riot Games

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