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Like Hetalia's 2p's, counterparts are the unofficial opposites of their original. With opposing personalities and looks, they have the same powers (but different spells). The counterparts are known to be stronger than their original because of their taste of harming others.

Left to right, top to bottom:

  • Creek - Brooke's counterpart. Sadistic and loud, the leader.
  • Rayne - Rae's counterpart. Gruff and quiet.
  • Ivy - Clover's counterpart. Serious, polite, and aloof.
  • Naya - Nia's counterpart. Doesn't care about her comrade's safety, dismissive.
  • Kindle - Blayze's counterpart. Cheery, happy-go-lucky.
  • Karin - Kat's counterpart. Gloomy and negative.
  • Keon - Kyan's counterpart. Strict, humorless, and 'old-school.'
  • Quinn - Bullet's counterpart. Cheerful and is fond of trying different hairstyles.
  • Yoru - Kage's counterpart. Curious and innocent.
  • - Pix's counterpart. Quiet and is fond of cats.
  • - Galen's counterpart. Childish and mischievous.
  • - Piper's counterpart. Rough and is fond of loud rock music.
  • - Hunter's counterpart. Respectful but sarcastic.
  • - Alatar's counterpart. Is always the first one to jump into a fight, eager about bloodshed.
  • - Axel's counterpart. Rude and threatening.
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