"Watch your mouth, or I'll clean it with some of my olive oil soap!"

Personality and Interests

Bullet is very strict, no-nonsense person who dislikes people who slack off. She's incredibly impatient and only cares about her looks when it's a special occasion. She makes sure the other Mains wake up at dawn with her whenever they have gather, and to monitor their diets and training. Everyone makes sure not to mess up in front of her, or else she'll make them run laps. She can be very blunt, forceful, and rude at times, but everyone knows she's only trying to improve their strength so they can win all battles. Bullet hates losing and defeat, and do whatever it takes to regain her position as winner. Even though she can be ridiculously harsh, she also has a friendly side that is worried about her comrades, and the other Mains rely on her. Bullet would do anything to protect her allies. Bullet enjoys training/running because it keeps her head clear, and her favorite food is blueberries.


Bullet Headshot
Bullet has long brown hair that goes down her back, parted in the middle. Sometimes, in training, she would tie it back in a spiky ponytail. She has a hard, determined face and dark green eyes. On her skin are occasional scars, cuts, and bruises from fighting and training. Bullet wears a black turtleneck tank top and camouflage-print cargo pants. She has brown hiking boots and a rifle strapped to her back. On her belt are two pistols and some bullets.




Bullet can summon guns, rifles, explosives, etc. The explosives activate when she signals it in her mind, so they're connected to her mentally. Bullet has outstanding aim as well as a retina display. She can scan things and information will pop up in her vision. She has the ability to turn it off and on, and when it's on, flecks of red will appear in her green eyes. Bullet can camouflage in her surroundings as well, but it takes a lot of energy.


Bullet has a female horse named Ginger who is brave, daring, bold and not at all cowardly. Ginger occasionally likes to fool around, but most of the time, she is serious. She can run people over, as stated by Kyan after he was knocked aside as he was in the way of her mad dash to the food in Chapter 2: Four Leaves.


- Bullet has attempted suicide several times when she was in training because she couldn't handle the physical work and effort as well as her feeling of uselessness.

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