"I thought you weren't one to work in the spotlight."

Personality and Interests

Brazen isn't very close to Blayze. She believes she doesn't need help. Blayze rejects his help often, and looks for dragons without him. As a result, Brazen usually stays in the village and manages things there. Which is a good thing, because Blayze lives far from the village and is too lazy to go check up on her citizens. Brazen only accompanies Blayze to meetings, so he can report news to Master An. Overall, he is a cheerful character who is quite friendly to others, but can be stern at times when he's dealing with Blayze's lazy personality. Brazen can be easily annoyed and snaps occasionally when Blayze gets too dismissive of his work. 
Brazen Angle Shot


Brazen has short brown hair and wide, dark orange eyes. He has slightly tanned skin and younger-looking compared to the other tueritors. He wears a sand-colored shirt under a sleeveless leather jacket along with black pants and sneakers. Brazen is known for keeping everything neat, including his appearance.