"I. . . don't think that's a good idea. You know what? Never mind."

Personality and Interests

Blayze is a very laid-back, relaxed girl with a streak of sarcasm. She shows little emotion and movement, showing that she is lazy. Blayze disapproves of activities that waste energy and  will most likely get someone in trouble, calling them tiring and bothersome. She appreciates a little quiet once in a while and isn't afraid to show her feelings about something she doesn't approve of, usually a facepalm or an exaggerated sigh. Even though she has a quiet, unenthusiastic demeanor, she is committed to her comrades' safety. Blayze enjoys being alone most of the time, taking naps. She usually is by herself when she travels to look for more dragons. She is loyal to her large organization of dragons, the majority of them having the fire element (or no particular element). She makes sure to care for each and every one, going as far as to read the younger ones bedtime stories before they went to bed. Blayze is strong in battle, ranking third in strength after Bullet and Kage. 


Blayze has short, shoulder-length black hair with a streak of red in her bangs. One small braid hangs by each ear. She has lazy crimson eyes and a flat expression, with a healthy complexion. She usually wears a black short sleeved shirt under a red qipao-style vest with yellow sleeve trimmings and fastening buttons. Blayze also wear black shorts and black-gold-and-red sneakers. She has a black wristband around her left wrist with a fire emblem on it. In battle, she has simple black-and-red-and-gold armor.


Blayze can bend fire and she uses fire spells in battle. She fights with a sword and occasionally a shield. She also wear armor that is very strong and resistant. She is also naturally immune to fire/heat/lava and is usually called upon to do the "hot jobs". Her disappear tactic is vanishing in a cloud of sparks, so she can teleport somewhere within a mile.


Blayze rides a fire dragon, Inferno. Sometimes Inferno can fight in battle with her using fire. Blayze uses Inferno for security and transportation, and her main traveling companion. Inferno keeps the other dragons living with Blayze in order. 


Inferno; male.


- Blayze raised Pix longer than she needed to because she expected Pix to be older.

-Blayze's full name is Crimson Inferno Blayze.

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