"Come on! We don't have all day! Well, we kind of do, but I want to finish as soon as possible!"

Personality and Interests

Bianca has a cheery and bubbly personality. She lets things slide easily when she gets angry at someone, but once someone harms a comrade, she won't let it go. Bianca often tries to throw parties for Nia, hoping the air summoner would break out of her shell and have fun (only to fail). Bianca and Nia are somewhat close despite their personality difference. When Bianca was assigned Nia, she promised she would risk her life for Nia's safety, showing she's very loyal. She appreciates adventure and excitement. Bianca adores cute and fluffy animals as well.


Bianca has dark golden hair separated into two long pigtails, and slightly tanned skin. She has droopy brown eyes and cocked eyebrows. Bianca adorns a sleeveless grey jacket and white Capris, along with grey-and-white sneakers. She has the tuerior sword strapped to her back, along with a small drawstring bag tied to her belt.


- Bianca's favorite food is cake.