Alplinion is an island allied with the Mains. It circulates around metal, stone, and weapon making. It is the third largest island, and the busiest. Although it is centered around weapons and mining, Alpinion is also a the second most popular trading port after the Crescent's. There, they trade and sell items from other islands. 


Compared to the other allies, Alplinion has the best defense. It is supposed to have the best magic education. Many of the most-skilled Player Magicians live in Alplinion.

All spells are used on this island, but fire, wind, lightning and firearms are the most common. About 80% of the citizens can use spells correctly, including cadets.


Alplinion used to be a place to sell prisoners of war, weapons, and food. It was formed hastily by Nykohlai, a rogue who left the Crescent due to crimes and lawbreaking. He brought several other criminals with him, and there they made a living by trading illegally.

Jeuruta took this as an opportunity to take control of more land. Already controlling Laeria at that time, they sent stronger, more professional summoners to take the large island. The summoners surrounded the island and destroyed the central square. Nykohlai was forced to return to the Crescent, where he gathered citizens secretly to regain his property. It came to the point where he was forcing people to leave their families to fight, and several complaints were sent to the Mains. Bullet was assigned to take volunteers from her territory and investigate. After failing to get through the barrier put up, Brooke had an idea to get into the island from underwater and through the ground. There, they successfully entered the island and disguised as Jeuruta summoners. They reclaimed the land after one battle (Allies lost zero summoners), but Nykohlai was nowhere to be found.

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